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Computer Software Update Details by Classification

This report shows an overall count of the number of software updates by classification for a particular PC. Further detailed information is provided about software updates. From your desk, you will be able to see device details such as domain and user name information.

Using three different report parameters, you select the PC name, the software update deployed state, and the software update state you want to view. However, if you are drilling through to this report from List of PCs with a Particular Software Update, the report parameters will already be selected but, they can always be re-set.

The PC name report parameter allows you to select the PC you want to review.

The deployed state report parameter allows you to select the deployed state of the software update.

The deployed states are:

  • Yes – The effected software update IS deployed within your environment
  • No – The effected software update is NOT deployed within your environment
  • Both

The software update state report parameter allows you to see which software updates are installed, missing or a combination of both.