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List of Mobile Devices with a Specific OS

This report will show you the name of each mobile device, the OS version, the CPU, the Exchange Active Sync, and the Device ID; it will also let you know whether or not the device is a company device. This report drills through to the Mobile Device Details report.

Please note, that unless changed by an Administrator, the device ownership within Intune will default to a personal device.

Owner StateIntuneMeaning
PersonalYesThe default state for Intune enrolled devices which generally means the device is owned by the user.
CorporateYesThis state defines that the device is corporately owned.
(Exchange Connector) NoThis device is NOT enrolled within Intune and all data is provided via the Exchange Server Connector.

It is important to ensure that the ownership of devices is kept current because it will have an effect on which devices are included in an inventory and how you may want to target software updates. For more information on how to change the ownership, see this informative blog post by Gerry Hampson: