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  • Power BI (6 Articles)

    The WIR setup now includes a Power BI dashboard. This report set takes many of the key items you’d find in several of the WIR SSRS reports and makes them all available in an incredibly handy Power BI set.

    For more information on how you can access the Power BI report file, please see the Using Enhansoft’s WIR Power BI Dashboard section.

  • SQL Server Reporting Services (16 Articles)

    The “Count” reports in WIR will drill through to “List” reports for more detailed information.  From these “List” reports there is an option to drill through to yet another report for individual computer details.   

    Where appropriate, report features include: 

    • Alternating Line Colors
    • Collection-Based Filtering*
    • Color Coding
    • Interactive Sorting
    • Role-Based Administration (RBA)

    *It is now possible to distinguish between user and device collections in CMCB and CM12 R2/CM12, so all WIR reports will only show device collections. There is no change for CM07; all prompts will display all collections regardless of type.

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