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Locate Computers by Username

This report allows Service Desk team members to enter part or all of the user name in order to locate what current computers the end user is logged on. The Service Desk team can also see what computers the user has logged on to in the past 90 days. 

Please note that this report is designed for use with SCCM current branch 1806 or later. Starting with SCCM current branch 1806, using the fast channel details, you can see in the SCCM console who is currently logged on as a user next to the computer names within the device collection. You no longer have to wait up to seven days for this information to show up within the SCCM console. Instead, this new feature gives you current logon user details in less than a minute! 

The Locate Computers by Username report is specially-designed for those that don’t have access to the SCCM console, but even SCCM Admins will find it beneficial. This report helps to improve front line support times by eliminating the long steps needed to figure out a computer name. Instead, you can now get to the heart of the matter in no time.

Starting on the left-hand side of the report, next to the list of computer names, is the online status of each computer. Green stands for online, the color grey means that a computer is offline, and the color black stands for unknown. Next to the Computer column are additional user details. Here you can see who is currently logged on to each computer, as well as, the last user who logged on to each listed computer. Finally, the last columns show who the top console user is and that user’s last logon date. 

You can click on any computer name and drill through to another report called the, All-In-One Computer View report. That report will allow you to see more details about that specific computer.

Locate Computers by Username