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List of Computers by SQL Server Edition

You can drill down to this report from Count of SQL Server Editions. The List of Computers by SQL Server Edition report provides you with the computer name, SQL Server instance name, SQL Server version number, and the installation directory for a specific SQL Server edition. Your inventory assessment will be complete when you know exactly which computers have SQL Server installed on them.

For added convenience, three additional prompt options give you more flexibility. The first prompt, <All Systems>, displays a complete list of all computers. The second prompt, <All Versions>, displays a complete list of all SQL Server versions. The third prompt, <All Editions>, displays a complete list of all editions. You can mix and match all of the prompt options according to your needs. For example, you might only want to see all instances of SQL Server 2016 in a specific collection, and from there, you can choose the relevant edition.

This report also displays “Collation” and “Installation Directory” details. Given that this information is only needed in some situations, and to provide you with an uncluttered view, both of these details are collapsed by default into each row. Using the “Collapse” and “Expand” radio buttons found in the top-right corner of the table, you can switch between these modes in order to reveal or hide the “Collation” and “Installation Directory” details.

From this report, you can drill through to SQL Server Details.

Collapsed View

Expanded View