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Monitor Screen Size Details

Here you see a treemap displaying the different monitor screen sizes in your environment. Hovering over each square gives you the total count of monitors with that particular screen size. Sometimes a new application requires that the primary monitor use a specific screen resolution, so at a glance you will know how many monitors are smaller than a particular size. This is the drillthrough report from the Screen Resolution category and Video Input category on the home page.

Selecting a specific size within the treemap automatically filters the information in the table. Instead of seeing all results, you only see those computers that have a monitor with that particular size in the table.

Similar to the other pages, below the chart is a list of computers by name along with their attached monitors’ details. You can click on any computer name to find out all of its attached monitor details on the Computer Monitor Details page.

Note: All virtual monitors are given a screen resolution of 1080 x 768 with a diagonal size of 0-inches.