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Overall Software Update Status Dashboard

This high-level report captures your site’s overall compliance percentage (main gauge) of installed software updates by classification. Each classification also has its own gauge which displays the percentage of installed software updates. You can drill through from this report to the Count of Computers Missing Software Updates by Classification report. From there you can drill through to the List of Computers with a Particular Software Update report and from that report you can drill through to Computer Software Update Details by Classification.

The overall compliance percentage is based on the selected classifications, so only the results of the selected classifications are calculated. The number of gauges displayed is dependent on the number of classifications selected. Using three different report parameters, you will be prompted to select the software update classification, the collection to display, and the software update group you want to view.

The classification report parameter enables you to select which software update classification to display within the report. The update classifications are listed in order of severity: Critical Updates, Security Updates, Definition Updates, Service Packs, Update Roll-ups, Updates, Upgrades, Tools, and Feature Packs, and WSUS Infrastructure Updates.  Click here to read more about update classifications.

Use the collection report parameter to select the device collection you want to review (for example, the All Systems collection).

The software update group (SUG) report parameter enables you to select which software update group results to display. When using the drop-down, you will see SUGs listed from newest to oldest. If you employ monthly SUGs, using this parameter will allow you to compare SUGs with each other. Read here for more details about SUGs. Note: In CM 2007, the term used to describe a SUG is a software update list.