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Warranty Collection Process for Apple, Microsoft and Unknown Manufacturers

Due to changes made by Microsoft and Apple, Surface and Mac computers must be registered first before Warranty Information Reporting (WIR) can collect their warranty details.  Additionally, unknown manufacturers to WIR will also be registered first; this allows Enhansoft to proactively search for warranty details for these manufacturers before either adding them to the list of fully supported manufacturers or defining them as white box computers.  

There are two different phases to this warranty collection process. In the first phase, the computer is registered and a request is made to collect the warranty details. During the first phase, WIR returns warranty results using the Default Detection Method. This allows the registration process to start. In this instance WIR returns a data source check of 100+ to indicate that the warranty details need to be checked again. This allows the computer to fall within the WIR query’s (WIR_Query) results. 

In the second phase, which can take a week to complete, WIR returns to the web service in order to collect warranty details.  In order to automate the second phase of this process, please use the WIR query (WIR_Query) which is listed later in this documentation. By using the query, WIR is automatically deployed to collect warranty data. After a maximum of 5 business days, warranty details will be collected by WIR.

If the second phase is not completed, the warranty details for a computer will remain as described in the Default Detection Method section.