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ER-Computer.exe.config File

Do you need to customize inventoried items collected by ER-Computer? All you need to do is update the ER-Computer.exe.config file. See below for further instructions.

Adding a Well-Known User Account/Security Group Flag

Flagging a user account/security group as well-known, allows Enhansoft Reporting to filter out other accounts/groups. Doing so makes it easier for you to identify rogue access.

By default, the ER-Computer.exe file identifies many BUT deliberately not all accounts (users/groups) as well-known. Only the Microsoft well-known user accounts/security groups listed in the charts below are flagged by Enhansoft Reporting as well-known.


Only the following user accounts are flagged as well-known:

User Type
Administrator Local
Administrator Domain

Security Groups

Only the following security groups are flagged as well-known:

Group Type
Domain Admins Domain
Domain Computers Domain
Domain Users Domain
Enterprise Admins Domain
Account Operators Local
Administrators Local
Backup Operators Local
Power Users Local
Print Operators Local
Server Operators Local
Users Local

For a complete list of Microsoft’s well-known user accounts/security groups, please see this Microsoft article, Well-known security identifiers in Windows operating systems.

If you would like to identify/flag other user accounts/security groups as well-known, then you need to update the ER-Computer.exe.config file.

1) Locate the ER-Computer.exe.config file. It is located in the same directory as the ER-Computer.exe file on your site server. Generally, it is found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Enhansoft\Enhansoft Reporting\bin\ER folder.
2) Make a backup of the existing ER-Computer.exe.config file.
3) Open the ER-Computer.exe.config file as an administrator using Notepad or another text editor.
4) Within the ER-Computer.exe.config file, locate the key for “WellKnownUserCount”

<!–Flag Well Known User Accounts–>
This is for the ESP_LocalUser module and it is only
applicable if the username is a local user account name.
You must define the number of accounts/groups
with a key of “WellKnownUserCount” and you must
define each user with the format listed below:
<add key “WellKnownUser{#}” value=”{USERNAME}”/>
<add key=”WellKnownUserCount” value=”1″ />
<add key=”WellKnownUser1″ value=”admin”/

5) Update the WellKnownUserCount value to the number of keys you are adding.
6) Add a new key utilizing this format: <add key “WellKnownUser{#}” value=”{USERNAME}”/>
7) Save the config file.
8) Perform the steps in the Update Distribution Point section. This is mandatory.