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Computer Replacement Costs

Start budget planning computer replacement costs with this handy report. You’ll see projected costs over the current year based on the total number of machines in SCCM’s hardware inventory.

Simply select the type of computer, the life-cycle duration and the expected replacement cost. Costs are then calculated for computers with expired warranties, and others with 1 to 3+ years left on their warranties.

The four types of computers you can choose are: laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines. Each one has a different cost and life-cycle (in days) when it comes to replacement, so the prompts in this report allow you to adjust each variable.

Types of Computers

There are 24 different System Enclosure WMI classes, but unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in SCCM report that will help you figure out the total number of desktops, laptops, servers or virtual machines (VMs) in your environment.

Computer Types Defined

These Enhansoft-created definitions are based on the most customer requested computer types.The four Computer Type classes are as follows:

Virtual Machine

Applies to any computer with the SCCM Virtual Machine flag set to Yes.


Applies to any computer with a System Role of Server. This definition excludes virtual machines.


Using the Win32_SystemEnclosure for Chassis Type, the following are defined as a Laptop: Portable (8), Laptop (9), Notebook (10), Hand Held (11), Docking Station (12), and Sub Notebook (14).


Applies to any computer that doesn’t fall into the other definitions. The end result will only be true desktops.

Prompt Defaults

The defaults for each prompt are as follows:

Computer TypeUseful Life in DaysReplacement Cost
Laptop 1095$600
Desktop 1460$500
Server 1825$5000
Virtual 1825$500

Note: Each year the replacement cost is increased by 5%.

Suggestion: You can change the default values and then hide some or all of the prompts in order to make this report easier to read. For instructions on how to hide prompts, please see our blog post on this subject:

The Computer Replacement Cost Dashboard is found within  Warranty Information Reporting .