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Microsoft Office 365 Dashboard

This report is close in design to the Microsoft Office 365 dashboard found within the ConfigMgr console. Unlike the console report, however, this dashboard provides you with the normalized version numbers of Microsoft Office 365. The channel type, along with architecture (x64/x86) and language details, are also displayed in the Enhansoft version of this dashboard. The Microsoft Office 365 related prompts leverage a multi-select option which allows you to mix and match the filters (or prompts in SSRS) in order to see which computers, meet all of your specifications.

Similar to other ConfigMgr dashboards or reports, you can grant others access to this dashboard, without having to provide them with access to the ConfigMgr console, simply by installing it on your reporting services point. Additionally, with SSRS, you can schedule the dashboard results to be emailed to anyone in your organization.

Note: The normalized Microsoft Office 365 version details found within the Power BI dashboard are taken directly from the Microsoft Office documentation webpage, so an internet connection is required for the Power BI version of this report to work correctly. The normalized details in this dashboard are updated as the webpage is updated. In the SSRS dashboard, the normalized Microsoft Office 365 version details are manually updated, at a minimum, on a monthly basis. As a result, if you see that a version number is NOT normalized, please ensure that you are running a current version of Enhansoft Reporting (ER) or contact the support team.

From this report, you can either drill through to the Power BI Computer Microsoft Office 365 Details page or to the SSRS Computer Microsoft Office Details report for additional information about the Microsoft Office 365 software installed on a specific computer.

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