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Enhansoft Reporting-Monitors Setup

The Enhansoft Reporting-MIR setup is a Microsoft Installer (MSI). MIR stands for Monitor Information Reporting. During the setup, a package with two programs are created. These programs should be deployed to your clients as you would normally deploy any other application.

Enhansoft Reporting-MIR Setup Command Lines

During the CAS or site server setup, the package and programs are created with all of the appropriate command lines. However, if you wish to create your own package the main command line switches are listed below.  

Command lines are not case sensitive. 

/CO – manually set the company name.
/LK – manually set the license key “xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx”
/ACTIVE – there are three options:

All – this is the default and will display all Active, Marked Active and Non-Active monitors.
Marked Active – this will display all Active and Marked Active monitors.
Active – will display only Active monitors.

/MIR_SHORTCUT – including the command line with “Install” will install a shortcut to the MIR interface.

On-going Rollout

We recommend that a daily re-occurring deployment (CMCB/CM12R2/CM12) or advertisement (CM07) be created and deployed/advertised to all PCs without ER (monitor) data. This will allow for new PCs, as they are rolled out within your environment, to be inventoried once the major rollout of Enhansoft Reporting-MIR is completed.