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Asset Intelligence Dashboard

The Asset Intelligence Dashboard leverages Microsoft’s Asset Intelligence Catalog which, according to the online documentation, has over 300,000 software titles! Additionally, SCCM administrators can submit new software titles via the Asset Intelligence Synchronization Point. This means that the catalog is continually growing.

This dashboard will provide you with a count of all software titles grouped by Product Family, Product Category, and Product details. This simple dashboard allows you to validate your software licensing by using Microsoft’s Asset Intelligence Catalog. This dashboard drills through to List of Computers by Product, which in turn will drill through to a further report, Asset Intelligence Computer Details.

There are two major benefits to using asset intelligence (AI) data. First, because Microsoft vets all of the software titles that are submitted to them via the SCCM console, you can trust the results. Second, there is no additional cost for using this cloud service! This is a perfect example of how cloud services can help companies be more efficient.

The SMS_InstalledSoftware AI Class must be enabled within the SCCM console. Without this class enabled, the dashboard will not return any details.