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Error Message Lookup Dashboard

The Error Message Lookup Dashboard is a report that the Enhansoft team originally created for internal use only. We gave it out to one of our partners who wanted a quick way for service desk team members to lookup error messages using hex error codes. This dashboard gave them exactly that! Then, after several of our customers requested this report, we decided to add it to Enhansoft Reporting.

In CM12 and CMCB, there is a way to access error messages via SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), so this dashboard leverages that information. The Error Message Lookup Dashboard allows you to enter a hex error code and view the error message within it. For example, if 0x80249004 is entered, the report will display the error message for that error code. In this case, “WUA: There was an inventory error not covered by another error code.”

Note: this report displays error messages in the language of the user running the report, but only if the error message exists in that language. Otherwise, the message is displayed in English.