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Endpoint Protection (EP) Dashboard

At a glance, the main details about your System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) environment are displayed in three easy-to-read tables: Anti-Virus Signature Version, Engine Version, and Client Version (Client Version is sometimes referred to as Platform Version).

The tables are arranged from left to right: Anti-Virus Signature Version, Engine Version, and Client Version. The reason for this arrangement is to give you information, first, about the most important and frequently changing SCEP details (Anti-Virus Signature) and also more static details (Engine and Client) of your SCEP environment.

The latest version update appears on the top row of every table’s column. Ideally, all of your clients should have the latest version, but this will be virtually impossible for Anti-Virus Signature (AVS) as Microsoft releases AVS 3 or 4 times a day. To assist you, the Anti-Virus Signature Table uses two shades of light red to highlight clients with an out-of-date AVS of more than 14 days.

From this dashboard, you can drill through to the reports List of Computers by EP Anti-Virus Signature Version, List of Computers by EP Client Version, and List of Computers by EP Engine Version.

In the following screenshot, you will notice the “n/a” (not available) value in each of the table reports. This most likely means that these PCs do not have anti-virus software, so this should be investigated as soon as possible.