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Manufactured Date (Weeks) Details

If you are going to replace older monitors with newer ones, then you need to know when each monitor was manufactured, down to the week. Why would you want to replace old monitors? In most cases, newer monitors consume less power than their predecessors, so knowing when a monitor was manufactured will help in this instance.

This is the drillthrough report from the Count of Monitors by Manufactured Year category. This page shows you a count of the number of monitors in your environment that were manufactured in a specific year along the verticalaxis. This data is further broken down by week along the horizontal axis. This information will help you pinpoint the oldest monitors in need of replacement.

Below the chart is a list of computers along with their attached monitors’ details. This includes the monitor’s manufacturer, model, serial number, and PNPID information, along with the year and the week, the monitor was manufactured.

You can drillthrough on any computer name to review only the information for that computer’s attached monitors in the Computer Monitor Details report.

Note: all virtual monitors have a Year of 1980 and a Week of 0.